Todo se quedó en silencio


Christopher Adam, Thessaloniki
May 2015

comenzó a bailar y todo
se quedó en silencio…

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It was my honor meeting him…


Panagiotis Georgiadis, Kavala, Greece


MARCH, 2013

I would like to write about the life of one of the most important persons I have ever met till now,
Walter Pistelli.

Walter was born in Pizza, Italy, in 25 December 1945, in the end of Second World War. His family was poor and there were many brothers and sisters. His father, named also Walter, and his mother, Lea, fought against fascism in destroyed, then, Italy. Walter was a very happy child although he was growing up in very difficult times. He loved making jokes with everyone in the neighborhood, something he loved doing in all of his life.
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I can swear, that he was between us…

Belgrade | October, 2014
OK, that photo maybe isn’t real but who cares….

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